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PTAC Air Conditioners for Apartments

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (or PTAC) and Through-the-Wall (or TTW) Units are self-contained Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units that have been a popular choice for efficient and relatively low maintenance for heating and cooling in many different applications such as apartments, hospitals, office buildings and university dorms.

Finding suitable PTAC’s and Through-the-Wall units for apartments can be a time consuming task for property managers or apartment owners. New construction apartment buildings offer more freedom of choice for choosing the size and style of air conditioning unit, but the property managers are still under pressure to find just the right unit in terms of reliability, performance and price.

Older PTAC’s and Through-the-Wall units are now relatively inefficient in terms of energy consumption. Many property managers and apartment owners are looking to upgrade in order to optimize the energy savings and other benefits that come from replacing older equipment with new, higher efficiency PTAC and TTW equipment. Retrofitting or replacing existing apartment air conditioners can prove to be a very difficult task if you are unaware of what product will best replace equipment.

People looking to replace older PTAC’s and face increased challenges when older units are no longer offered by the original manufacturer; it often requires finding a new PTAC unit that will fit into the existing exterior wall opening. Luckily, there are manufacturers of PTAC equipment who specialize in providing new models of PTACs that are designed to easily replace virtually every type of original PTAC model.
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Increasing Energy Efficiency and Other Benefits of New PTAC Units

Heating and cooling costs continue to rise from Toronto to Texas and all across North America. The only way to combat rising energy costs is to be more efficient in the way we use energy. The use of air conditioners during both mild and hot weather is traditionally a huge consumer of electricity. Replacing older PTAC units with higher efficiency models will help to significantly lower electricity usage, which will result in considerable energy savings.
One of the major complaints with older PTAC units, and air conditioners in general, is the loud noise that results when the blower is activated. Newer models incorporate noise-reducing innovations such as the strategic placement of blowers and multiple speed fans. The result of those designs improves and results in a PTAC unit that offers increased tenant comfort due to quiet operation.
In apartments where space is an issue, newer models of PTACs can be used to minimize the intrusiveness of the air conditioner by reducing the amount of floor space that is used.

Where Can I Find PTAC Air Conditioners for Apartments?

Installing a new PTAC air conditioner is an investment in energy efficiency and comfort. The top suppliers will offer a solid lineup of HVAC products from trusted manufacturers to meet their clients’ needs, including top quality PTAC units. In addition to offering a range of PTACs to fit all standard sizes, the top suppliers will also be able to find economical and innovative solutions to meet custom PTAC requirements.
Take the time to find a supplier with a strong reputation and proven track record of premium quality products as well as excellent customer service. There are suppliers available with over 20 years of experience in the industry and who possess a high degree of professionalism, reliability and integrity.  Speak to a trusted supplier and discuss your options for air conditioners for apartments today.

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